Feminism is…

Skadi Hunting

I was reading an article on feminism in a pagan framework, and happened upon this definition of feminism:

“It’s not the belief that women are better than men, it’s got nothing to do with being ‘PC’, it’s not a plea for special treatment, it is a demand for equality. Feminism is the right to be viewed as a human being rather than a representation of your gender. Our predecessors a thousand years ago understood this when they wrote these stories. When people argue against Feminism, what they are actually saying is that they are opposed to treating women as people.” – Alyxander Folmer
Feminism is not having to answer the question “What does your husband think about you making more money than him?” when men are never asked “How does your wife feel about making less money than you?” It’s about being at a job interview and not having to explain what you’ll do if your child is sick when no man I know of has ever been asked that question. Feminism is about not being expected to justify your ability to do a job because you’re female/a mother/a wife. Feminism is being able to go to a conference and not be asked about how my husband feels about me being gone. Or being expected to get permission to go out for drinks. Or not getting as good a raise because I’m married and have my husband to support me.
Feminism is about the reasonable expectation that I will be afforded the same rights and consideration as men and not having assumptions made based on my gender.
So, when women say they don’t need feminism because they like having doors opened for them and a man to take care of them, they don’t realize that their ability to even have that thought was brought to them by feminists. There wouldn’t be a choice of working or not working had it not been for feminists. If the GOP has their way, that ability could evaporate in the future, and the only thing standing between here and there are feminists.
The best thing about the definition?  It was written by a man.